Jai Alai

 Carlos Gangoiti Kalea, 14


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​"Jai alai" means "merrymaking" in Basque. It is as much a celebration as it is a sport. See the fastest sport in the world on the biggest working court in the world. Learn first hand just how rough and powerful this sport can be.

Services included:

  • Explanation of the history of the sport

  • Match played to 15 points

  • A chance to kit up and try it for yourself

Price: 5 € per person, for groups of 100 people and more
For more information: 658 750 627
Jai Alai court: gjaialai@msn.com​​

The Gernika Jai Alai court is the biggest operational court of its type in the world. It was designed by Secundino Zuazo, one of Spain’s leading architects of the 20th century, and first opened in 1963. It is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest sport in the world: the ball may travel at up to 300 km per hour.

It is acknowledged by players of the game to be the finest court in the world.​​