Park of the European Nations: E. Chillida and H. Moore sculptures


10 a.m. - 7 p. m. (until 9 p.m. in summer)

The park, inaugurated in October 1991, includes an interesting variety of trees and shrubs in its four sectors, clearly distinct in structure and composition. To the north is the open vegetation of trees on the side of E. Chillida and H. Moore; to the east are the four ecosystems of Euskadi Atlantic: pagadia, oak, artery, and riverside. The stream through these ecosystems ends in a pond to the south, and in the rest of the park there is a classical garden.

In 1988 the sculpture Gure Aitaren Etxea by Eduardo Chillida was erected in the Park of the Peoples of Europe. Its name translates as "Our Father's House" and it represents the home of the Basque people. At the heart of the "house", a steel slab symbolises peace and life, as a proposal for tolerance and freedom.

Beside it stands Large Figure in a Shelter by British sculptor Henry Moore. This sculpture is part of his War Helmets collection, which he began during World War II. It depicts one figure wrapped around another, representing the basic instinct of a human being in always seeking shelter. It was erected to mark the 60th anniversary of the bombing.