Gernika-Lezama stage

(0 Km) Gernika-Lumo

After visiting the monumental site of Gernika-Lumo, we start our route throught the Zearreta Street up to the Lurgorri Quarter, passing by an area known as Mestikabaso. We take the asphalted track towards Errigoiti near the Hermitage of Santa Luzia. About 100 metres after crossing the Mikene Brook, we will see a track up to the left; it will directly lead us to the hill range of Billikario. We go through without losing sight of our signs and of the yellow and white marks of the PR. Just after finding a milestone near the track, we find a crossroad in which we will turn left, going down through a path towards a local road. We continue to our left and pass by several farmhouses through the Pozueta Quarter, in Errigoiti, without losing our way, until we get to the the underground passage of the Gernika-Mungia road. 

From here, we only have to cross the road leading to Larrabetzu to get to the Hermitage San Esteban of Gerekiz.

(Km 6,6) Gerekiz

Next to the Hermitage, we take the asphalted track to Eskerika. A bit later, we leave it and take another track to our right, near the Landotz Farmhouse. We go down a small section and continue beside a small river until we get to a sharp bend, in which we take another track. We turn right and get to the surroundings of the Pepiena Farmhouse. After skirting round the farmhouse, we take a gravel track to our right; following the signs, the track will lead us to the Aretxabalaga Height in the Morga-Larrabetzu road.

We continue carefully through this road towards Larrabetzu, until we get to the Astoreka Quarter, where we take a detour to the left and continue through an old way towards Goikolexalde.

(Km 15,4) Goikolexalde

After leaving the Church of San Emeterio and San Celedonio and the transept behind, we continue towards the beautiful urban area of Larrabetzu by road; later, we will go towards Lezama.

At this point, we will have to decide if we spend the night in the new pilgrim refuge prepared by the Town Council or if we continue walking and cover the ten kilometres we still have up to Bilbao.

On the same day or on the following day, we will pass by the Hermitage of El Cristo Crucificado and, without leaving the road, get to the Church of San Martin, in Zamudio.

(Km 22,7) Zamudio

​Next to the Church, we take a detour towards the industrial state and, after passing over the Txorierri corridor, we continue to the right near a farmhouse and then start our way up and to the left through an old track leading to the remains of the "Gaztanazabalaga Farmhouse". We go on through an asphalted track until we get to the road to Santo Domingo; we follow it about 50 metres and we leave it and take a detour to the right; we will get to Mount Iturritxualde through the Zamudio road. After passing by the recreational area, we start our way down through a rural road and cross a pedestrian bridge over the road, leading us to the Arabella Quarter, in Bilbao. From here, we only need to go down to Begoña and continue through the Mallona Roads until we get to the Cathedral of Santiago in the Biscayan capital city. (Km 29,8) Bilbao