Bombing and shelters

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Even though the bombing of Gernika took place on Monday 26 April 1937, which was market day, the Basque authorities had been aware from the very start of the Civil War that means of protection had to be sought for the civilian population, due to the bombing of Otxandio (municipality in southern Bizkaia) and of Bilbao early on in the war. As regards Gernika, the first shelters built in the charter city were the two that you will see at the end of this visit and planned during October and November 1936. 

Fran​​co’s Air Command was aware of the power of the terror bombings as a psychological weapon to demoralise the civilian population, which made it easier to seize the strategic targets. In this regard, nothing could be as damaging in the Basque Country than the destruction of Gernika, the charter city chosen for the election and swearing in of the first Lehendakari, the Basque Premier

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